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Buzz, 17, Straight Edge
L'Homme Run

—Pizza Party


P-I-Z-Z-A-P-R-T-Y, if ya got a blunt, then we can get high

Never again will there be a better song about pizza and marijuana. You go, Ezra Koenig, you go.

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Billie Holiday - All of Me

I’ve had a really peaceful week in the recent bout of sunshine, stitching some bunting for my mum’s Easter party (I hate bunting, yack, yet I did quite enjoy making it). To make it even more pleasurable I took the opportunity to revisit one of my favourite singers, projecting Billie across the London courtyard where I live whilst I sewed in the sun. Bliss.
I have a personal connection with the jazz standard All of Me also, as it was one of the first songs I sang live with a full band behind me, which was also my first real encounter with jazz, when I was only a wee fourteen-year-old!

Happy Spring awakening everybody, wherever in the world you are! Don’t forget to submit a post if you want to write for Soundboard!

- Rosie

Arctic Monkeys

—The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala


The Hellcat Spangled ShalalalaArctic Monkeys

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